Online Yoga Catches Fire As COVID Quarantines Carry On

The COVID-19 quarantines and shutdowns have forced so many people to figure out ways to try out new activities and do things that they had never had the opportunity to try in the past. The extra time at home and the orders to remain socially distant from other people has meant that a lot of people are looking to try new online activities. One of those activities is online yoga.

Glo is a brand that offers online yoga courses for people of all skill levels, and they are seeing their products surge as a lot more people jump onto their website to check out everything that is available. Online yoga has become a very popular and fun thing to do at this point in time. It is no surprise as so many different types of courses are offered.


Most people have at least heard of meditation even if they are not completely certain of what it is or how it works. Several instructors available at Glo offer meditation courses online. What these courses can do is help a person draw more into themselves and their internal thoughts. It can be helpful to take a deep breath and get away from all of the external stimuli that the world throws at us constantly and just listen to our natural thoughts. It is a great way to lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and start to think more positively about what is going on around you.

Prenatal Yoga

Online yoga can include prenatal courses designed to help mothers-to-be to work through their pregnancy journey. Glo offers these courses as a way of supporting all of those mothers-to-be out there. There are a lot of emotional and physical challenges that come with pregnancy, and it is great to have an outlet to work through some of those challenges along the way. There are even more layers of stress that come with pregnancy at a time like this. Online yoga courses specifically targeted at those going through a pregnancy at a time like this can be enormously beneficial.

Vinyasa Flow

This form of yoga takes into account a lot of different yoga styles under one umbrella. The term is a Sanskrit term that means “to place in a special way”. In this form of yoga one will learn how to use their posture and their breathing to make the most of their yoga experience to relax their bodies and start to feel better about where they stand in life in general. It is a method that has gained in popularity over the years, and it is often demanded by the customer base. It is no surprise that numerous instructors on Glo offer this.

Getting Your Feet Wet In Yoga

A beautiful thing about this moment is that we can all try new things such as yoga from the comfort of our homes. Not only is it easy on our busy schedule, but it also allows us to try something without the potential for shame and fear of being judged by others. We get to take the courses that we need to take at a pace that we can handle without the fear of being watched or judged.

Glo makes it easy to advance in yoga no matter what point you start at. Beginners are certainly welcomed to join, but those who have a bit more experience under their belt on this one can also find what they are looking for on this website as well. Just find an instructor that you are comfortable with and start taking the courses that make sense for your station in life.

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