Why People Use Medical Marijuana Before and After A Workout

In the mass consciousness, Marijuana is strongly associated with a drug that can cause a dangerous addiction. There also exists a myth that marijuana makes people passive and sleepy by relaxing their nervous system. The controversy appears because many people are not aware of how they can use marijuana for their benefit. For example, athletes have realized the benefit of marijuana for their pre-workout and post-workout recovery. Their experience proves that, if used reasonably and consciously, marijuana can be a helping hand for achieving sports goals and improving health issues.

What are the benefits of marijuana for Athletes? 

The use of marijuana before work out can be justified by marijuana’s capacity to increase motivation to perform monotonous activities with more concentration. The use of marijuana after the workout helps to calm down an anxious mind and get the most relaxation after hard training. Main benefits of marijuana for athletes should be highlighted:

  • Positive motivation during training
  • Increased concentration on exercise performance
  • Increased motivation – cannabis as a bonus for regular classes
  • Complete relaxation during the recovery period
  • The anesthetic effect after injuries and intense training
  • Fat-burning effect

General Evidence on the Connection between Marijuana and the Human Body

The secret of Marijuana’s influence on the human body is hidden in Cannabinoids. Molecules of this substance can be found in both the plant and the human brain. The human endocannabinoid system is responsible for some processes in the body that regulate mood. Hence, while smoking marijuana, a person receives a portion of cannabinoids and improves their psychological state. The same goes when a person eats a piece of chocolate, for example. Chocolate seems so tasty to us because it launches a hormonal reaction in the brain that improves our mood. Cannabinoids work approximately the same. Marijuana is considered more dangerous than sugar because some people have psychological disorders which makes them particularly vulnerable to developing an addiction. As people addicted to sugar develop obesity, people addicted to marijuana may suffer negative effects of abuse in the form of deterioration of life quality.

Using Marijuana Helps to Cope with Stress

Stress is one of those factors that are inevitable in the athlete’s life. Actually, in the modern world, there are numerous sources of stress everywhere. Challenges at work, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, constant pressure of expectations and responsibilities, as well as physical exhaustion from hard training may turn to be an unbearable burden for an athlete. In addition, Olympic athletes experience constant stress from the extremely high competition. Getting ready for the Olympic Games half of their lives and getting a third or fourth place is a great tragedy for an athlete being so dedicated to their career. Quite often, the human body is incapable of standing so much mental and physical pressure. On the level of the Olympic Games, pharmacologists use other substances to struggle with stress in their athletes. However, on the amateur level, marijuana is an accessible helping hand. The main thing is to remember that it is easy to become addicted to marijuana by relying on it too much. Thus, this choice should be made consciously. 

Marijuana Improves Concentration

The majority of activities related to a certain kind of sport are routine. For the athlete to lead their sports skills to a professional and then, to the competitive level, they need to practice much and hard. Almost always, practicing predisposes repetition of the monotonous activity for a numerous amount of time. This process is not that entertaining. This is the point when marijuana can help with the concentration on a monotonous activity and, consequently, increase athlete’s productivity from training. For example, in weightlifting and bodybuilding, concentration on performing an activity is a crucial element of the athlete’s progress. Marijuana during training can help them gain concentration on performing an activity with the target muscle group. Under marijuana influence, human organs of senses perceive reality differently. Such an altered perception helps athletes to concentrate on exercises and do not be distracted by external irritators. 

Marijuana Improves Relaxation Capabilities

Deep physical relaxation is vitally important for the athletes after a heavy training. The point here is that weightlifting regularly exhausts the central nervous system. Some athletes in bodybuilding train even twice a day. We can only imagine how exhausting such a lifestyle can be for the nervous system if coupled with the everyday stress. The human body is attacked by cortisol – a stress hormone that negatively affects all body systems. In this case, marijuana is a helping hand. Not only does it help to make the training session more effective by improving concentration, but it also helps to get proper relaxation and let the central nervous system rest before the next training session. 

Marijuana as a Pain-Killer

Marijuana also has an analgesic effect. More and more athletes prefer marijuana instead of opioids. Muscle pain usually appears after hard exercises, and when the nervous system is so exhausted that it does not have both the energy and resources to recover fast. In this context, marijuana reduces the pain and relaxes the body, fostering a quicker recovery.

Fat-Burning as a Bonus 

Finally, smoking marijuana can help in weight control and in the process of fat-burn. In this case, cannabis has more indirect influence than direct. In particular, the analgesic effect of marijuana helps those who have been disturbed by pain to get back to an active lifestyle and sport. Thus, they burn more calories and lose weight. Moreover, smoking marijuana makes some people refuse alcohol consumption, especially beverages, and beer with snacks, which reduces the number of consumed calories significantly, as well. Finally, marijuana improves metabolism due to the influence of phytocannabinoids on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

If you train much and want to lead your performance to a different level, use marijuana smartly and consciously to take care of your body and psyche. Consult Fort Lauderdale Marijuana Doctors to help you choose the most appropriate type of marijuana for your purposes. 

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